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The regulatory authority for all financial services business operating in and from within the BVI.
British Virgin Islands Government official website.
The BVI Finance plays a pivotal role in the promotion and marketing of the BVI as a leading financial center. Established in 2002 as the BVI International Finance Centre, BVI Finance was re-branded in 2015
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The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) is an organisation of twenty seven states of the Caribbean Basin, which have agreed to implement common countermeasures to address the problem of criminal money laundering. It was established as the result of meetings convened in Aruba in May 1990 and Jamaica in November 1992.


The Gazette is the official newspaper of the Government of the British Virgin Islands. Published weekly on Thursdays the Gazette is made up of Government, Statutory, Liquidation and Other Notices. In addition, documents such as Bills, Acts, and other official documents are circulated with the Gazette from time to time.

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  • What are Shelf or Ready-made companies, and how are they different from the regular IBC’s?
    Apart from incorporating, we are also providing a service of selling shelf companies. These are already incorporated companies, available both in our Seychelles office and in our Moscow office. Meeting the needs of our clients is the primary concern for us; therefore we have ready-made companies with different sets of documents, with or without nominal services, tax-letters, etc. Ready made companies do not have incorporation time as they are already in existence, furthermore shelf companies available in Moscow office for example have a greatly reduced courier time if you’re purchasing from within the country. The price for these companies is higher because the courier dispatch has already been paid to deliver the companies either to our Seychelles or Moscow offices.
  • Is the financial reporting necessary?

    There is no obligation BVI Business Companies does not have an obligation to prepare of file financial accounts. However, records must be kept that are sufficient to show and explain the Company's transactions; and will, at any time, enable the financial position of the Company to be determined with reasonable accuracy. Such records do not have to be kept in the British Virgin Islands and the location for keeping such records can be freely determined by the owners of the Company, and there is no requirement whatsoever to file or otherwise make public any commercial or financial records of the Company.

  • What is the standard for the authorized share capital in the BVI?

    There is no specific minimum capital requirement. The standard authorized share capital is US$ 50,000. The minimum issued capital may be one share of no par value or one share of par value. Registered shares, bearer shares, shares of no par value, preference shares, redeemable shares and shares with or without voting rights permitted. Companies with an authorized capital up to US$ 50,000 pay US$ 350 annual license fee to the government. Additional annual fees would be payable for companies having a higher share capital.

  • What can you tell me about BVI BC Shares?

    The accepted type of shares in BVI is the registered shares, since the BVI legislators are moving towards eliminating bearer shares from the legislation. The Registered Shares and Bearer shares are allowed in BVI, however the BVI Companies Act, 2004 impose a requirement for immobilization of bearer shares with the approved Custodian. The Custodian shall be approved by the FSC. The Registration of BVI BC which allows the issuance of bearer shares also is higher then with the registered ones and costs 1000USD payable to the Governement. The information about the shareholders is safely and confidentially kept at your companiy’s registered office.

    In case you want to keep the highest confidentiality level possible, you can use our service of a nominee shareholder to our clients, which we provide with a Declaration of Trust in favour of the beneficial owner as well as an open-dated Share Transfer signed by the nominee.
  • Are there any name restrictions for the BVI BC?

    A BVI Business Company may not be registered under a name that is identical to the name of an existing BVI company, or is so similar to the name of an existing BVI Company, that, in the opinion of the Registrar, such name would be likely to confuse or mislead. As the BVI Registrar of Companies has a name-reservation system, a reserved name would also be considered as an already existing name.

    Without obtaining a prior written consent of the Financial Services Commission, a BVI Business Company may not be registered under a name that contains a "restricted" word or phrase (according to a published list of such restrictions) - such as the words "Assurance", "Bank", "Building Society", "Chamber of Commerce", "Chartered", "Cooperative", "Imperial", "Municipal", "Royal", "Trust" or any word conveying a similar meaning, as well as any name suggesting the patronage of the British Royalty, British, BVI or any other government or its department.

    The Registrar may also refuse the registration of any particular name if, in the opinion of the Registrar, such name is offensive or, for any other reason, objectionable.
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