As one of the most stable socio-economic regions in the world Seychelles is a highly regarded jurisdiction in which to conduct international business activities.

Seychelles has established well-formed legislation for International Business Companies, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Trusts, Foundations as well as the International Trade Zone. Seychelles has territorial taxation; thus only locally-sourced income is taxed.
Furthermore Seychelles is an excellent investment base for investors between Europe and the Far East, between the Far East and Africa, being between these time zones, and has the benefit of a multi-lingual population, with English and French as the two business languages. Seychelles signed quite a number of  tax treaties with the Far East and African countries which add an excellent instrument available in the jurisdiction  for the tax planning.
The laws of Seychelles take the most comprehensive, modern and attractive approach to the establishment and operation of companies, mutual funds, insurance and freeport activities. The jurisdiction can adopt global clientele demands, be it civil law or common law national.
In 2003, the government legislated for additional types of company: Special License Companies, Protected Cell Companies and Limited Partnerships. It is easy to form those type of entities and administer them in modern and efficient business environment. 
On April 26, 2015, Seychelles was officially accepted as the 161st member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Seychelles is a member of ESAAMLG – Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group. 
Seychelles signed Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (MCAA), implementing the new Standard for automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters, developed by the OECD working with G20 countries. Seychelles intends to implement the Standard to begin exchanging information in 2017.
Seychelles was recognized by OECD in September 2015 as Largely Compliant jurisdiction.